Grav Tank Bases

March 23, 2008

After years of simply putting grav tanks flat on the table, I decided to create some simple bases that slightly lift the vehicle off the ground, giving it the proper look of skimming the surface of the battlefield. My solution involves pennies, a Dremel, and very short pieces of wire. Basically, drill a hole in a penny, insert a small piece of wire, paint, flock, and repeat. I think the result is preferable to simply resting the tanks on the table. They are hover tanks. They should hover.


My bases, supporting a few plastic tanks from Renegade Legion, by FASA (now available in metal from C-in-C).


2 Responses to “Grav Tank Bases”

  1. cturnitsa said

    Hmm – defacing currency for wargaming, I think it is a great idea.


    ps- I used to use the clear plastic “flying bases” for the plastic Renegade Legion tanks, and it just didn’t look right.

  2. David Mark said

    Hey! Do you know where I can go to buy a Type 9 or Type 13 Grav Tank from Travelers RPG? Check out my blog that focuses on OGRE/GEV!
    I think you will like my CRT dice listed there – I invented them.

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