UN Armor

August 31, 2008

My homebrew 6mm sci-fi rules wouldn’t be complete without my own homebrew universe in which to play.  I have been working on a detailed storyline that branches off from the earth of today, and takes place in the later half of the 21st century.  A major power of my in-game universe is the United Nations.  The UN of 2057, while descended from the League of Nations and UN of today, is not Ban Ki-Moon’s UN.  After the destruction of Israel in 2015, the United Nations underwent a dramatic series of changes from the top down.  Eventually, the UN became the greatest democracy the world has ever known.  The UN encompasses the vast majority of the earth’s nations, and operates as a global parliament.  It is a secular government, which is the very reason not all of the world’s peoples choose to participate. Many groups chose to leave earth for the promise of wealth, freedom, and adventure elsewhere in space.  Earthbound religious organizations and fundamentalist militias remain an ongoing threat to the peace and prosperity of the UN and its member nations.  Unlike the ad-hoc blue-helmet formations of the past, the UN constantly maintains an enormous military, much of which is ready at a moment’s notice to quell flare-ups anywhere on the planet.

The photos below represent some of the armored might of the UN.  The figures are a CAV Scarab tank, a pair of Battletech Myrmidon tanks, and a platoon of Games Workshop Rhinos.  All sport the new UN decals from QRF. Designed for 15mm modern armor, these decals are perfect for these oversized 6mm tanks.


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