On February 7, 2009, the Old Dominion Military Society held its inaugural convention, Williamsburg Muster. I took the opportunity to attempt the first public playtest of Polyversal, my homebrew rules for 6mm science fiction miniatures. The game scenario involved the separatist forces of the planet Waldheim defending the Derek Parfit Jump Port (nicknamed “Mr. Teleporter” by the convention onlookers) from the forces of the UN.

Photos of the game can be seen on the Ramblin’ Gamer blog http://gameroid.blogspot.com/, hosted by my friend Elliot Davis, who commanded the UN forces.

A photo of the ecstatic Mr. Davis appears below:

Commander Davis puts on a brave face as his reinforcements are obliterated...

To his credit, Mr. Davis held his own in command of UN armor attempting to retake an urban environment from fanatically devoted infantry. In the end, however, he learned the age-old lesson of what happens when tanks enter an enemy town unescorted by infantry. (Hint: it’s bad.)

Again, the Williamsburg Muster was a great time. My thanks to Elliott, Mike Duffey, and the others who helped me playtest Polyversal,and to Chuck and the other ODMS members who made the con a success.