June 25, 2009

Being easily distracted by new and interesting concepts, I couldn’t resist jumping into Grindhouse Games’ Incursion when TGN announced the “Mega Deal” opportunity to purchase all of Grindhouse’s figures at one low price. The figures arrived at about the same time that Grindhouse released the game rules, cards, counters, and board as a free PDF download, here.

For those who don’t know, Incursion is a Space Hulk like claustrophobic crawl through the bowels of an underground NAZI complex cut into Gibraltar. The Americans, armed with diesel powered suits of armor, must fight their way through gruesome German zombies and the bizarre genetically engineered children of a NAZI mad scientist, Hans, Gretel and Ilsa von X.

Painting is underway on the figures, and I am seriously considering making a 3D model of the gameboard. Below are pictures of the assembled figures, awaiting primer. Be sure to take a look at Grindhouse’s excellent website, complete with 1949-style newsreel flash animation.

complete with 1949-style newsreel flash animation.