Incursion Progress

July 26, 2009

A few free minutes here and there have allowed me to finish one half of my 3D Incursion board basic floor plan. The weird snakelike stain is actually cement underneath of ‘cracked ice’ clear plastic overhead fluorescent light cover. Once painted, it should have a nice stone floor pattern. (At least that’s the plan.) Other floor texture highlights(other than the foamcore tiles) include the round burner from the same abandoned coffee maker that became Mr. Teleporter (see below), and sandpaper. Next I will spackle the floor tiles, and add styofoam and foamcore walls, complete with assorted computer fans, tubes, and other bits. I’ve also made some painting progress on my zombies.


Old Crow 6mm Terrain

April 12, 2008

Old Crow makes a fantastic line of resin buildings and 6mm science fiction miniatures. I recently began assembling and painting the buildings I got for Christmas last year, and I am impressed. The resin is very nicely detailed, with almost no imperfections. In fact, the only small issue I have found is that the 3-storey extension piece does not line up perfectly with the accommodation block it is designed to work with. Other than that, though, these buildings are some of the best I have seen. I highly recommend them for your 6mm science-fiction games.